EVA, TPU, PP, PE Wide Geotetile (Geomembrane) Production Line

EVA, TPU PP, PE Wide Geotetile (Geomembrane) Production Line

The line is applied to produce monolayer or multilayer compound film for all kinds of geotextile, non-woven fabric, weaving fabric. Also it can produce geotextile products.

Suitable fabricsUnitGeotexile plastic woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics
With of mouldmm3300450063008300
Laminate layers one fabric one film; two fabrics one film; waterproof sheet
Thickness of laminating filmMm0.2-2.5
Waterproof sheet thicknessMm0.5-2.5
Motor of extruderKw75-250
Embossing roller sizeMm400500600800
Max. compound widthmm3000400060008000
Cooling method   Circulating water cooling