PC, PMMA, PET Sheet/Board Production Line

PC,PMMA,PET plastic sheet equipment

1. Product detailed description

The PET transparent sheet production line is designed for APET, PET single-layer or multi-layer sheet, and can also produce PS, PP, PE sheet on the same line. It is a multipurpose machine.
PET sheets (APET, PETG, CPET) have the characteristics of good processability, transparency, barrier properties, non-toxic, odorless, no environmental pollution, and easy to recycle. In terms of food packaging, it is a material that replaces PVC.

2. Device description

This equipment, the technology fully absorbs and digests the extrusion technology, the products selected for the main components (such as screws, barrels, rollers, etc.), the energy consumption, intelligence, automation indicators, safety standards, process standards, etc. of the complete set of equipment are all The quality standard of the product has been reached. This series of products has a number of invention and utility model patents, which can replace imported equipment, but have cost-effective advantages.

The products produced are widely used in optical, home appliances, construction engineering, decoration, furniture, advertising, handicrafts and other industrial and civil industries. The quality has reached the performance of the product, and we have a matching team of expert process engineers to help users debug, produce high-quality products, and meet the technical requirements of daily production!

3. Technical parameters:

Main extruder diameter120mm130mm75mm (twin screw)120130
Main extruder aspect ratio33:133:144:136:136:1
Main extruder drive160kw200kw160kw-250kw185kw250kw
Co-extruder diameter65mm75mm65mm or 75mm45mm45mm
Co-extruder aspect ratio33:133:133:130:130:1
co-extruder drive37kw45kw37kw or 45kw22KW22KW
Sheet thickness0.15mm-1.2mm0.8-8mm1.5-10mm
Sheet width560mm-1500mm1000-1560mm1220-2100mm
Maximum extrusion volume350kg/h500kg/h350kg/h-800kg/h420kg/h600kg/h
Installed power250kw320kw200kw-400kw180kw250kw