EPE Foam Cloth/Sheet (for Package) Production Line

EPE foam cloth production line

1. Application of EPE foamed cloth 

Polyethylene foam cloth is also known as pearl cotton. Pearl cotton is a new type of packaging material. Compared with traditional materials, it has better performance, low cost, high grade and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials. Pearl cotton is widely used in Packaging of household appliances, precision instruments, bicycles, polyurethane furniture, high-grade leather shoes, glass, high-grade porcelain and other products. According to customer needs, the surface of the foamed cloth can be covered with a film, and the product can be thickened to 100mm with a thickener.

2. Equipment features:

The EPE foaming cloth unit adopts advanced single-machine foaming process, the product has high foaming rate, energy saving and high efficiency, adopts explosion-proof motor, German Siemens frequency conversion speed regulation and Japanese Omron intelligent digital display instrument, automatic control, safe and stable operation, convenient operation, precise Select high-quality accessories at home and abroad, the quality is stable and reliable.

3. Technical parameters

machine typeSM-EPE 90SM-EPE105SM-EPE120SM-EPE150SM-EPE170
Product width (mm)1000-14001000-15001000-20001000-20001000-2000
Product thickness (mm)0.5~4.50.5~6.50.8~8.01.0~12.02.0~16.0
Yield (kg/h)80-110100-150180-250350-400420-500
Screw diameter / aspect ratio¢90 55:1¢105 55:1¢120 55:1¢150 55:1¢170 55:1
foaming agentButane Butane
Foaming ratio20-40