Plastic pipe production line

Plastic pipe production line

1. Features of the plastic pipe production line produced by Xinquan Plastic Machine:

The plastic pipe production line produced by Xinquan Plastic Machinery consists of a conical (parallel) twin-screw extruder, a vacuum setting table, a tractor, a cutting machine, a turning frame, etc. The screw extruder and traction machine adopt imported AC frequency conversion speed regulation device, and the screw barrel is chrome-plated with bimetal, which effectively reduces the wear of the extruder after the addition of calcium carbonate and various additives; the vacuum pump and traction motor are made of high-quality product.
The traction machine has two-claw, three-claw, four-claw, six-claw, eight-claw and other traction methods. Saw blade cutting type or planetary cutting type can be selected, and a length counter and thickening device are also provided. The unit has reliable performance and high production efficiency. According to the requirements of users, the company can replace the extruder with special equipment to produce inner wall spiral tube, inner wall hollow tube and core layer foam tube unit, and can produce PP, PE, ABS, PP-R, PEX, silicon core tube, etc. Other material pipes. The planetary cutting machine adopts automatic computer numerical control, which has the advantages of convenient operation and reliable performance.
At the same time, it can be equipped with an online automatic flaring machine as needed.

Second, the characteristics of plastic pipes:

The plastic pipe has chemical resistance and insulation; the product size is standard and stable, the material is dense, and the wall thickness is uniform; pressure resistance, flame retardant, high strength; smooth pipe wall, low friction resistance, no scaling, efficient transportation; durable, The service life is 20 to 50 years; it is widely used in agricultural water supply and drainage, building water supply and drainage, cable laying, etc.

3. Main technical parameters:

Pipe rangeΦ16-Φ63Φ20-Φ160Φ50-Φ250Φ160-Φ450Φ450-Φ630
Vacuum forming length mm60006000600060006000
degree of vacuum-0.03-0.08-0.03-0.08-0.03-0.08-0.03-0.08-0.03-0.08
Maximum traction   N/m1000015000200003000040000
Traction speed  m/min106420.5-2
Effective traction length  mm10001500150016002400
cutting methodChip free cuttingChip free cuttingplanetary cuttingplanetary cuttingplanetary cutting
Compressed air consumption m3/h0.