U-PVC foam inner spiral muffler pipe production line

UPVC foam inner spiral muffler pipe production line

1. Pipe features and applications:

For building drainage pipes. The unique internal helical structure makes the water flow down along the thread, which greatly reduces the noise caused by the water flow.

2. Equipment structure:

The main machine adopts the co-extrusion of two twin-screw extruders, and the advanced process formula obtained by many years of practice and experience. The co-extrusion die head can be specially designed, and the solid wall tube, the solid wall inner spiral tube, the foamed tube and the foamed inner spiral tube can be produced at the same time only by changing the mandrel. Replacing the mold can produce nano-antibacterial PVC water supply pipe, hollow wall inner spiral muffler pipe.

3. Technical parameters:
Host model: SJSZ-65/22 SJ-SZ-55/22
Production pipe range mm: ∮16-∮160
Production speed: 1-12 m/min