PP honeycomb panel production line

  Advantages of honeycomb panels:

Durable moisture and corrosion resistance, recyclable

By adding different plastic additives, other functions such as anti-ultraviolet rays, fire retardant and flame retardant can be realized

1. Compression resistance and impact resistance; PP honeycomb panels absorb external forces, thereby greatly reducing the damage caused by impact and collision.

2. Light weight; PP honeycomb panel is light in weight, which can reduce the load weight of the transportation tool, thereby increasing the speed of the transportation tool to a certain extent and reducing the transportation cost.

3. Excellent sound insulation performance; PP honeycomb panels can reduce the diffusion and transmission of sound.

4. Excellent thermal insulation performance; PP honeycomb panel has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can effectively block the spread of heat.

5. Strong water resistance and corrosion resistance; due to the characteristics of its raw materials, it can be used in environments with high water content and strong corrosion for a long time.

Application of honeycomb panel:

Honeycomb panels provide a variety of product solutions for different industries with excellent quality and performance, and have excellent applications in the automotive industry, aerospace, yacht ships, rail transit, logistics transportation, building decoration, body protection and other fields. Performance.