PC sun panel equipment

PP, PC hollow lattice sheet production line

1. About PC solar panel equipment:

The equipment is mainly used for the production of PC hollow lattice sheets. PC grating thickness 2-25mm, 1220-2100mm.

The production line mainly includes:

Extruder : The screw is specially designed for venting, and the advanced PLC temperature control system ensures good plasticization of plastics and stable extrusion with high output.

Screen changer : Hydraulic quick screen changing device is used to make the screen changing process fast and effective; double station and special sealing structure ensure stable operation of the screen changer

Mould : The mould is made of high-quality alloy steel, with a highly active throttling device, so that the pressure of the material flow in the die is uniform and uniform; the differential adjustment of the upper and lower dies ensures the uniform thickness of the upper and lower walls.

Vacuum setting table : The setting system is equipped with a fast heat exchange refrigeration system, which is effectively interleaved with the vacuum system and distributed sequentially. This distribution ensures the setting accuracy. The vacuum system consists of two independent subsystems, each of which is equipped with multiple three-point fixed cycle vacuum lines, and each fixed cycle carries a vacuum adjustment system and a vacuum display system, so that the vacuum degree on the surface of the plate is uniform and stable .

Tractor : There are first and second groups of tractors. The first group of tractors is of high power, large reduction ratio, and multi-roller type. It has excellent low-speed operation performance and large traction, and can synchronously and evenly remove the sheet from the vacuum setting table. pull out. The second group of tractors is treated for stress relief. It is also equipped with a trimming device to ensure the effective width of the board and the quality of the edge of the board.

Stress reliever : The advanced large-area conduction heating method can effectively eliminate the stress of the plate and further improve the flatness of the plate.

Cutting machine : equipped with precise instant fixed-length cutting and automatic lifting and unloading device, special alloy wear-resistant blade edge, to ensure the quality of the cutting surface of the plate

2. Technical parameters of PC hollow lattice sheet production line

Extruder SpecificationsPC SJ-120/36 SJ-45/30PC SJ-100/36 SJ-45/30
main motor power185KW/22KW132KW/18.5KW
Product width1600-2100mm1300-1600mm
Product thickness2-25mm2-20mm

3. Product features and applications:

PC lattice boards are widely used in: lighting roofs of office buildings, halls, shopping malls, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities; canopies in stations, parking lots, pavilions, lounge corridors; safety lighting materials in airports and factories; modernization Canopies for agriculture and aquaculture and indoor swimming pools; noise barriers for highways and urban elevated roads; road sign advertisements, light box advertisements and exhibition layouts; indoor partitions for offices and private houses, and partitions for family bathroom shower rooms.

Remarks: The above specifications are subject to change without notice.