PVC Door and Window Profile Extrusion Line

PVC door and window profile production line

1. About the device

The PVC door and window profile production line mainly uses PVC and UPVC as raw materials to produce various plastic door and window profiles and decorative profiles. The main engine and the traction device are all equipped with frequency conversion speed control controller, which can realize the stepless speed regulation of the whole line; the vacuum forming table adopts the water circulation type sealed energy-saving vacuum system, and is equipped with centralized water supply and quick-change joints, which can realize the easy, convenient and fast replacement of different forms of stereotypes. Mold; setting table can choose 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters and other specifications; the tractor adopts crawler tractor, which can ensure the stability and non-deformation of the extrusion process of the profile; the automatic film sticking device ensures the surface finish of the extruded product; cutting The device is a synchronous tracking structure, which can ensure that the section of the product is flat and there is no chipping phenomenon. The unit has the characteristics of low energy consumption, stable performance, high speed and high efficiency. The profile extruded by this unit has beautiful appearance, strong compressive performance, good light stability and thermal stability, low dimensional change rate and anti-aging.