Imitation marble line production line

Stone plastic line production line

1. Production process: mixing—extruder—die—vacuum forming—tractor (optional)—cutting machine—stacker—hot stamping transfer

2. Technical parameters

monitor rate18.53037
Vacuum pump power KW)45.57.5
Traction speed in)0.5-120.5-100.5-6
Auxiliary power KW)547185
Extrusion volume (KG/H)120150250

3. Product use:

Lines are suitable for a variety of special-shaped surfaces, such as Roman columns, fireplaces, inside and outside of spiral staircases and other complex and special-shaped surfaces. , anchor lines, etc., can fully meet the needs of various specifications of high-end ceramics in the market.

4. Product Features:

Although the imitation marble lines are artificial imitation, the excellent imitation technology will make the finished product have the texture and color of natural marble, beautiful and generous, and there are few artificial traces.

At the same time, the imitation jade decorative lines can be widely used in various styles of products such as polished crystal tiles, microcrystalline stones, full polished glaze, and antique tiles, instantly showing the overall space taste.

Most of the products are the combination of the advantages of natural stone and artificial marble, there is no penetration pollution, cracks and radiation, the product pattern is comparable to the real natural stone, sanding, pressed solid surface material. The advantage is that the colors are rich and can be better combined with the overall decoration.