Tube Sheet Mould

1. Tube sheet mould

Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. independently and professionally designs and produces various types of pipe die heads.
Specifications ф 20-800mm
supply and drainage pipe mold, co-extrusion pipe mold structure: blue type, spiral type, bracket type mold.

Mold features:

1. The melt flow speed reaches the expected mechanical uniformity and thermal uniformity.
2. No mandrel support is required, so that the flow pattern that often occurs in production disappears, and the smoothness of the surface of the pipe is guaranteed.
3. Low pressure consumption and high output, the output can reach 80% of the extrusion volume.
4. The structure is compact, the connection is reasonable, and the replacement is convenient.
5. Made with high-quality molds.
2. Plate sheet mould:

Our company provides all kinds of plastic sheet and sheet moulds, such as PP, PC hollow lattice sheet moulds, PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET, ABS sheet and sheet moulds; the material is 5CrNiMo special steel for moulds or imported steel. All hard chrome plated, fasteners are made of 12.9 grade high-strength bolts, and high-quality, durable stainless steel heating rods are used to control heating in zones and precise control!