Wood flour mill

1. Uses:

The wood flour mill produced by our factory is suitable for grinding wood fiber materials. Grind to a fineness of 10-500 mesh at one time. Applicable to: twigs, shavings from furniture factories, bamboo flour, rice husks, peanut husks, rice bran and other crops. The ground powder can be directly mixed with PP, PE, PVC and other plastics to produce wood-plastic products.

Equipment advantages:

1. A new type of material can be installed to play the functions of sound insulation and heat dissipation, so the machine has low noise, no vibration, beautiful appearance, strong and durable, high output and greatly improved efficiency during production and use.
2. The feeding port of the wood flour machine adopts self-priming feeding, which can ensure safe production forever, replacing the shortcomings of direct feeding of traditional pulverizers, accidentally throwing metal blocks, and serious damage to the wood flour machine.