SJ Series Venting Type Single Screw Extruder

The special design of the air venting type extruder, effectively overcomes the shortages during the plastic processing course, greatly increases the product quality. Therefore it is a very suitable extruder to produce PMMA, PC, PS, PET products which have high quality requirement.

ModelSJ-45 SJ-60 SJ-65 SJ-75 SJ-90 SJ-100 SJ-120 SJ-130 SJ-150 SJ-165
Transmission power (kw)15~2222~3730~454555~9075~110132~185185~280185~315220~355
Screw diameter(mm)4060657590100120130150165
Screw L/D ratio353535353535,3835,3835,413535
Screw rotation speed  r/min120120100100909090908080
Extrusion capacity  kg/h15~4560~10060~12060~150150~280180~350250~450300~650400~600550~700