PVC Imitation Marble Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC Imitation Marble Sheet Extrusion Line

1. Processing technology:
mixing – extrusion – three-roll forming – online filming – traction – cutting

2. Advantages:

The extruded and calendered stone-plastic sheet has been treated with UV to make the surface of the sheet have a mirror effect, with a strong product surface saturation, similar to the crystal clear glass layer of microcrystalline stone, making it a veritable diamond plate, reaching marble-like three-dimensional effect.

1) Green, environmentally friendly, beautiful and applicable;
2) Recycled materials can be used, and the cost is low;
3) It has the realistic effect of marble, no radioactive elements;
4) Super wear-resistant and scratch-resistant;
5) The surface is bright and not slippery, and 6) Waterproof
, fireproof, etc.

3. Application: ceiling, siding, background wall, kitchen wall, bathroom wall, entertainment decoration, corridor wall, office decoration, etc. It is an ideal choice for decoration materials for villas, homes, hotels, commercial buildings and public places.