Calender production line

Plastic Calendering Line

This production line is a plastic calendering unit, which can be used by plastic products factories to produce various PVC rigid and semi-rigid plastic sheets, and can also be used to produce high-filled plastic sheets. The five-roll plastic calendering unit is composed of a five-axis calendering machine and a cooling coiling auxiliary machine, and the thickness of the produced products can reach 0.03-0.90mm.

The main technical parameters
Product thickness (mm)0.03-0.08mm0.08-0.90mm
Yield (kg/h)350-700kg/h700-1300kg/h
Main motor power r (KW)55kw*2sets, 75KW*3 sets, Roller line speed: 0-40m/min
Hardened gear box5 units, transmission accuracy grade 6
constant temperature gas station5 sets, heating power
Calendering auxiliary machine configuration Total power 458KW, heating power 220KW, actual power consumption 350KW/H