The use of PP hollow board production line

PP hollow board production line is mainly used for PP hollow board. The production line mainly includes extruder, quick screen changing device, mold, setting table, primary tractor and trimming device, hot oven, laminating device, secondary tractor, cutting Device, conveyor, material rack, etc.

The PP hollow board produced by the PP hollow board production line has the advantages of light material, high strength, moisture resistance, good environmental performance and secondary processing performance; it can be processed into turnover boxes, packaging boxes, partitions, linings, pads, bottom brackets, etc. ; are widely used in electronics, home appliances, luggage, machinery, postal services, food, and advertising decoration and other fields.

The thickness of PP hollow board produced by PP hollow board production line is 2-14mm, 1220-2600mm.

PP hollow board production line technical parameters

Extruder SpecificationsPP SJ-100/35PP SJ-120/35 –SJ150/35
main motor power75KW110-132KW
Product width1300-1600mm1600-2600mm
Product thickness2-10mm2-10mm